Drop-In Preschool

A flexible, drop-in preschool program to meet your families needs.

The preschool program is designed for children ages 2 1/2 to 5 and provides supervised and age-appropriate creative learning and movement activities with sensory-rich imaginary play.  Our daily schedule encourages self-discovery and independent play through structured and unstructured group interaction.

The Women’s Business Incubator offers a truly flexible preschool for your children. With our flexible packages you can book online the preschool hours you need. Our fixed-day packages can help you decide the days that work best for your family, while ensuring you have the time you need. You can upgrade or downgrade your package on a monthly basis to match your needs – when work increases or you go on holiday.

We’re seeking volunteers!

We are hiring our first Preschool Lead Teacher now, but we are also going to be needing some preschool volunteers. Interested in a volunteer exchange for your preschool hours? Contact us today!

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Price Plans

Unlimited community coworking with parent-supervised play for infants and toddlers 0 - 2.5 years old

From 59.00 USD - Signup

Good for 10 hours of drop-in preschool and coworking. Schedule on-line or call for availability. Available first-come, first served for one month. 

From 115.00 USD - Signup

Good for 20 hours of drop in care for coworking and childcare. Available first come first serve for one month

From 225.00 USD - Signup

Come in for 2 full days (4 hours max) each week.
Monthly Plans receive priority scheduling.

From 375.00 USD - Signup

Come in for 3 full days (4 hours max) per week.
Monthly Plans receive priority scheduling.

From 550.00 USD - Signup

Come in for 4 full days (4 hours max) per week.
Monthly Plans receive priority scheduling.

From 700.00 USD - Signup

Come in for 5 full days (4 hours max) per week.
Monthly Plans receive priority scheduling.

From 850.00 USD - Signup


Reserve your child’s space in the drop-in preschool room now!

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Registration Fee
25.00 USD - Buy

1 Hr Drop-In Preschool
12.00 USD - Buy

2 Hour Single Day Session
24.00 USD - Buy

3 Hr Drop-in Preschool
36.00 USD - Buy

4 Hour Single Day Session
48.00 USD - Buy

Access to Preschool and Coworking Rooms for up to 10 hours in a month
115.00 USD - Buy

Access to the space for up to 20 hours in a month
225.00 USD - Buy

Additional Sibling Cost
6.50 USD - Buy