What is coworking?

WBI's work + play space provides parents an oportunity to get things done, alongside other parents who are also creating, making, developing, producing, and changing things. Our work space has everything you need: unlimited coffee, wifi, printer, and a small conference room.

You bring your laptop, charger, cell phone and maybe headphones if you want to listen to music.


What if I want my own desk?

We are sorry, but we will be only offering shared work table space.


Is printing included?

Yes, a reasonable amount of printing is included with your membership.


Can I bring my dog?

We are sorry, but we can not accept pets at this time.


What if I need to have a private call or meeting? 

Phone calls can be taken in the secondary coworking room (as long as it's empty) or in the break room area. If none of these areas are available at the time you need them, please work with the onsite community cultivator to find an alternative option.


Can I talk on the phone in the coworking space?

Phone and skype calls can be made at anytime in our shared coworking rooms, where a variety of work noises are happening. If you know (or are told) that you have a loud, carrying voice, please lower your voice or try the meeting room.